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    Best of Breed Services

    Best of Breed Services

    It takes uncompromising quality to earn our trust. At Pacxa, we rely exclusively on the industry’s top brands for performance, reliability and security.

    Best of Breed Services

    Industry-Leading Partners

    The custom nature of our business requires partners who are as dedicated to finding you the right solutions as we are.

    Best of Breed Services

    Award-Winning Service

    We’re here for you every day, all day, to handle everything from routine questions to protecting your data during a crisis.

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Outstanding service begins with great people. We invite you to meet some of the talented individuals who make Team Pacxa among the best in the business.

Our Approach

For us, it’s all about finding the right fit—for your budget, timeframe, goals and working style. From entrepreneurs to enterprise—we’ve got you covered.

1. Review your Business

At Pacxa, we begin by getting to know you. This helps us identify how we can help you maximize your potential—whether it’s through scalable services, reducing “hardware sprawl” or moving your business toward greater innovation. We also want to know where IT fits into your day—can we take it off your hands, or do you prefer to be involved?

2. Understand Your Needs

What’s most important: saving time, saving money, reliability, security, all of the above? Do you face seasonal staffing issues or are you in a highly regulated industry? What about social media access or gathering big data? Are you a potential target of cyber attacks? We believe that to be forewarned is to be forearmed, so we dig deep.

3. Ideate/Create a tailored solution.

If there were such a thing as a bespoke IT provider, we’d be it. We carefully craft our solutions to meet your specific criteria, bringing together the best hardware, software and people for the job. Most importantly, we make IT easy—whether you prefer a hands-on partner or a reliable turnkey solution that lets you focus on other things.

4. Implement and Refine the Solution

We’re here for the long haul, and that means doing it right the first time. We work quickly to ensure business continuity and minimize disruptions. Once your system is fully integrated and operational, we help you keep improving through training sessions for your employees, helpful IT professionals and service that’s available around the clock.

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Pacxa Partnerships

The custom nature of our business requires partners who are as dedicated to finding you the right solutions as we are.