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Pacxa Regional Cloud

Cloud Services

Powerful. Scalable. Secure. Pacxa’s Regional Cloud Services ease the financial and technical burden of purchasing and maintaining hardware systems by transferring it to us. Our hosted virtual desktops offer complete freedom to work anywhere—from your desk computer or any device—wherever there’s an Internet connection. What’s more, our Cloud Services are customizable to your business—fulfilling even the most stringent government and private industry requirements.

IaaS–Infrastructure as a Service / PaaS–Platform as a Service

Zero hardware. Zero footprint. That’s the beauty of Pacxa IaaS. We handle your complete enterprise infrastructure from pooled server and networking resources to private cloud hosting to protect your sensitive data. There’s no hardware investment. Minimal set-up time. Pacxa IaaS also ensures greater physical and data security with our secure off-site data centers, anti-virus/malware protection, 24/7 data monitoring and redundancy.

SaaS–Software as a Service

Think of it as software on demand for your enterprise. Accounting. Invoicing. Performance monitoring. Tracking sales. Webmail and instant messaging. With Pacxa’s SaaS, your employees—from several to thousands—can have access to some or all of your business software with just a passcode and user name. We offer a wide range of SaaS applications, including Hosted Desktops (VDI), Hosted email and SharePoint, which can be customized to your needs. All our applications are compatible across devices, and accessed via the Internet. What about software updates? We do that, too.

Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI)

The virtual office has arrived. VDI looks and behaves like a regular PC desktop, but all files and applications are accessed and stored on an on-site server instead. VDIs make it easier for IT departments a centralized way to manage computers; upload, update and patch and software; and securely store files. If a desktop or device is lost, no problem—all the data is securely stored on server.

Hosted Email (Exchange)

Get email, manage your calendar and access contacts across all devices with Microsoft Exchange. Hosted email increases communication while providing necessary safeguards to protect inappropriate information from coming in—or getting out.

Hosted SharePoint

What if your company of 2,000 people could work together with the same agility as an office of five? Microsoft SharePoint ties your employees’ computers and mobile devices together so they can share documents, collaborate within the company, partner with outside vendors and even create public-facing websites. You can also use SharePoint to increase your business intelligence from graphing sales results to storing important documents.

Hosted Email Protection, Continuity and Archiving

We use McAfee SaaS Email Protection and Continuity to ensure your email correspondence is 99% free of spam, viruses, worms and phishing. Our 24/7 monitoring and analysis of all incoming traffic effectively blocks email attacks in real time. Outgoing traffic is also filtered to protect your clients against malware and your organization against loss of sensitive information and potential liability.

We keep you current with continual upgrades, deploy security patches and provide constant diligence required with keeping your email safe and hacker-free.

And, in the event of a disaster or mail server outage, you’ll have access to your email through our easy web-based interface.

We use McAfee Saas Email Archiving to ensure your email is always up to date. Our system offers a simple and scalable solution, with unlimited capacity and tamper-free storage in compliance with federal and industry email regulations. Advanced search functions allow you to quickly find archived emails.

DaaS–Desktop as a Service

DaaS one-ups VDI by taking it to the cloud. DaaS through Pacxa’s Cloud Services offers all the capabilities of an onsite VDI system minus the significant capital investment, bulky footprint and constant upkeep of critical servers. Instead, for a competitive monthly fee, your company enjoys per-person accessibility—and scalability. Your virtual environment can also be customized to seamlessly integrate your business-specific applications, particular capacity needs and security specifications.

Private Cloud & Systems Management

Free yourself from cloud maintenance with Pacxa’s Private Cloud & Systems Management. We give you all the stability and predictability of maintaining your private cloud or hybrid environment—minus the hassle. You retain complete control over your IT department and private cloud content. We give you better flexibility and agility in operating your Data Center and application infrastructure. We also arm you with valuable insight into the costs, resource utilization and maintenance issues to help you plan for the future.

  • Zero on-site footprint
  • Customizable desktops
  • Scalable to organization
  • Mobile connectivity
  • Email protection
  • Private cloud
  • 24/7 network security
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