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Pacxa Managed Services

Managed Services

Access the latest technology solutions without the cost of buying and maintaining them yourself. Our managed technology services include Microsoft Exchange and application hosting for virtual office environments, as well as server management and colocation to achieve maximum uptime. And because we do all the heavy lifting, we can help you turn a traditionally high capital investment into a manageable operating expense.

Hosted and In-House VoIP

Hosted VoIP are practically plug and play and are ideal for small and medium sized businesses, remote offices or organizations that fluctuate in size such as seasonal businesses. Hosted VoIP systems require little more than a handset and a broadband Internet connection. The rest of the backend—including maintenance and upgrades—stays with us.

In-House VoIP, by contrast, runs on your infrastructure. Pacxa engineers are certified and trained to deploy customized VoIP systems and provide support for Cisco Communications Manager Express and Interactive Intelligence.

ISP Services

Pacxa is a multi-homed ISP providing redundant Internet service to our customers through a wide range of transport options (DSL, SHDSL, T1, NLAN, Wireless). In the event of an ISP connectivity failure, our system automatically safeguards your business by instantly rerouting your data.

Network Discovery

Pacxa’s engineers will map out your network topology, monitor performance, identify challenges and work with you to build redundancy and reliability within your network infrastructure.

Network Management and Monitoring

Address potential network failures and breaches before they occur. Pacxa’s engineers help you develop customized on-premise or hosted network monitoring solutions that identify network integrity.

Private Circuits (MPLS VPN)

Pacxa’s highly available MPLS infrastructure allows your organization to securely network your traffic between offices and collocated resources without the need to establish individual VPN tunnels, thereby improving performance and reducing costs. Our transport options include DSL, SHDSL, T1, NLAN and Wireless.

Network/Server Monitoring

Pacxa’s engineers can work with you to develop a customized on-premise or hosted network monitoring solution to identify and correct server health issues such as disk capacity, CPU and memory utilization.


Higher bandwith speeds. Better redundancy. Greater savings. Collocate your hardware in one of our two Pacxa data centers and increase your connectivity (MPLS and /or ISP services) with more hosted backup service options.

  • No capital outlay
  • Cost efficient monthly fee
  • Combined voice and IT
  • Reliable ISP connectivity
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Maximum data security
  • Up-to-date equipment
  • 24/7 network monitoring
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